Your Guide to the 5 Home Floorplans Available From GH Builders

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When you’re building or buying a home, you may have a wish list of items that you would want included in the space. Granite counter tops, a drop-in tub or a covered lanai may be on your list, and we feel that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to your family home. If you’re looking at Golden Gate Estates for your family’s next home, you are probably looking for enough space, privacy and home features that will work for your family’s needs. When it comes to building homes in Golden Gate Estates, GH Builders has got you covered.

Here’s your guide to the five home floorplans available from GH Builders.

The Aster

This three bedroom, two bathroom home design features 1,953 square feet of living space. A beautiful great room space, dining room and study are also found in this exquisite plan, as well as a two car garage and many standard features available in the homes built by GH Builders. These include a concrete covered lanai, granite counter tops, storm panels and much more. Plus, this plan allows you to make customization choices, based on your needs through the ‘Design Your GH Home Online’ interactive portal.

The Lantana

The Lantana is a two bedroom, two bathroom home which includes 1,638 square feet of living space. This home also features a gorgeous great room space, dining room, study and a two-car garage. Standard features offered in this home include a $3000 appliance allowance, brushed nickel electrical trims and a selection of 5 ¼ baseboards. The openness of this and other GH Builders floorplans makes it easy to keep an eye on your family from multiple vantage points in the home.

The Cassia

This brilliant home design includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms and 2,386 square feet of living space. This floor plan also includes a nook and study and standard features, such as:

  • Maple doors and drawer fronts in the kitchen

  • Moen pull-out faucet

  • Drop-in tub with tiled tub back

  • Tray ceiling details

If you need space for your growing family or for visitors, this floorplan is for you! Entertain guests, have the room you need for the kids and have the features you need to make this home work the best for you.

The Palmetto

This four bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom home design includes 2,720 square feet of living space, an office and a two-car garage. Among the standard features offered by GH Builders, this design includes 8′ tall Masonite interior doors, a brushed concrete lanai, a stainless steel undermount sink, as well as many structural features that can be customized using the interactive portal.

The Cordia

With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study and 2,140 square feet of living area, this floorplan impresses. This design includes standard features, like wall to ceiling tile in the shower and tub areas, an energy-efficient water heater, storm panels and many other included features to make this home function optimally for your family.

If you’re looking to put down roots in Golden Gate Estates, you’re not alone! This area is quickly becoming one of the hottest areas to live here in Southwest Florida, and we’re here to make your home stand out from the rest. Choose the features that work best for you and build the perfect home for your family.

The GH Builders team is excited to help you build the right home for your family in Golden Gate Estates! Call (239) 260-1755 to get started.

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The Advantages of Building with GH Builders

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When you’re looking to build a new home, the ultimate goal of your project is to build a home that works for you and your family. And when it comes to building a home from the ground up, there are many companies available to take on your project, but how do you know which one is going to be the right fit for you? After all, choosing the wrong builder can be extremely detrimental to the outcome of your project, which means that you must do your research before finally choosing the right builder for your home. At GH Builders, we take pride in setting ourselves apart from the competition, and we do this in a number of unique ways.

Here are the advantages of building with GH Builders.

GH Transparency

Building a home shouldn’t be a guessing game. Often times, homeowners are shocked when they get the final bill or disappointed when they see the end result. GH Builders never wants you to feel that way, which is why we provide contract transparency with every project that we take on. From the cost of your home to the features inside and out, you’ll know what to expect. And with our “Design Your GH Home Online” portal, you can design your perfect home from your computer and see how each feature will impact your bottom line.

GH Builders also provides a master spreadsheet with all security information and data wiring, so that you know what’s running through your home. There are no secrets, no gray areas. When you partner with GH Builders, you know what you’re getting and exactly how much it will cost.

GH Diligence

Taking extra precautions to ensure that everything is done right throughout all facets of your project is one of the most important aspects on the GH Builders mission. For example, the GH team tapes off all openings, electrical outlets and wiring prior to beginning work on the drywall segment of the process. This ensures that no drywall mud accidentally gets into any areas where it shouldn’t be and nothing is compromised in the process. This also keeps all aspects of the space clean and looking brand new. Other examples of how GH Builders goes the extra mile include:

  • Specialized drywall for each area of the home.

  • Clean up of all trash and materials from the jobsite every day.

  • Continued maintenance and practices in place to ensure that all work is being done efficiently and correctly.

Choosing a builder who takes the extra time to make sure things are done right is what you deserve for your home project.

GH Solutions

Staying within budget is important when it comes to building your new home, and you may get discouraged if you have your heart set on a certain feature, but it’s out of your budget. With many builders, this happens and there’s nothing that can be done; however, with GH Builders, we work to make sure that you get what you want. For example, some clients desire counter-depth refrigerators, but this can often times be more expensive in smaller depths. GH Builders realized the desire for this and decided to build out the wall behind the refrigerator to accommodate a full size refrigerator, giving it the counter-depth appearance. Because of this, clients can get what they want without going over budget.

When you’re looking to build a home, be sure that you find the right builder who will help you achieve your goals for the home. Because every homeowner is unique, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Find the builder who gets you and understands your vision.

The GH Builders team is excited to help you build the perfect home in Golden Gate Estates! Call (239) 260-1755 or visit to learn more.

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How to Choose Your Home Finishes Like a Designer

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From trim colors to cabinet design, flooring components to door handles, to say that you have a lot of decisions to make when designing a new home is a definite understatement. Who knew there were so many choices for so many aspects of the home? Well, if you’re not in the home building and design world every day, it can be tough to sort through all your choices when it comes to home finishes. That’s why we’ve compiled some helpful tips from the design pros. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong finishes to suit your new home. Here’s how to choose your home finishes like a designer.

Timeless Over Trendy

Many designers advise sticking to finishes that can stand the test of time, as opposed to ultra-modern trends that seem there one day and gone the next. If you’re going for the contemporary look in your home, like many homeowners today, don’t choose too many trends at once. Instead, find a trend that you like and implement it into your home where it works best. Having too many trends in the home can not only be messy, you also run the risk of certain trends becoming outdated quickly. Too many trends can be a recipe for disaster in the home, especially when it’s hard to tell which trends will actually be around for more than a couple of years. The last thing you want to do is a complete overhaul on your home’s finishes every year or so.

Your Time Frame and Budget

Keeping these two important aspects in mind is critical to the home design process. Knowing your budget up-front is key and knowing how different finishes can impact the price of the home can help you decide which to focus on first. It’s also recommended to make your decisions about your home’s finishes within a narrow time frame. Having too much time to decide on the finishes and selections of your home can cause confusion in the process. Maybe last week, you were all about the brushed nickel faucets, now this week you’re not so sure. Making your decisions within a compact time frame helps you to construct a more solid vision when it comes to your new home.

Other Helpful Tips

In the home building and design world, it’s easy to get lost in the details, especially since there are so many of them! That’s why the professionals can help you stay on track. Other tips to keep in mind when making decisions about your home finishes include:

  • Limiting your finish choices

  • Maintaining your focus on the end result

  • Remembering that it’s your home

In limiting the decisions you need to make, you’re able to focus in on what matters most to you. For example, you may not have much of an opinion when it comes to guest bath tubs, but you may be passionate about your laundry room floor. Every homeowner is unique with a distinct style and you want to be happy with the choices you make. Remember, this is your home! Get the most out of it by keeping these helpful tips in mind.

The GH Builders team is ready to help you design and build the right home in Golden Gate Estates! Call (239) 260-1755 or visit to learn more.

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Golden Gate Estates Home Builder, GH Builders, Reveals Details of First Model Home Now Under Construction

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Naples, Florida, December 18th, 2019– Home builder, GH Builders has released details about its model home, which is under construction in Golden Gate Estates. Created by prominent Southwest Florida home builder, Gulfstream Homes, GH Builders focuses on the cost-conscious buyer and offers affordable solutions to home buyers who are looking for value without compromise in Golden Gate Estates. This model home is the first in the area for the builder.

Located at 25th Street SW, the team broke ground in September and expects to complete the project in February or March of next year. The model home will feature the builder’s Signature Series gourmet kitchen, quartz counter tops and a wide array of selections from various levels throughout the home. The home will also include several self-guided work stations, which will allow clients to visualize and compare, along with on-site staffing to aid in the final selections process. The goal of the design center is to allow clients and prospective clients to feel as comfortable as if they were making the selections in their own home.

The team at GH Builders ( prides itself on its transparency throughout the process. Transparency in pricing is what sets GH Builders apart from the rest and is a critical element in the process. With no pushy sales tactics and no surprises, clients can have peace of mind knowing that they are getting the most out of their home buying experience. GH Builders makes it easy to find the right selections for the client, while helping them decide what they can comfortably afford through its interactive ‘Design Your GH Home Online’ portal.

Chris Ghannam, Business Manager with GH Builders speaks about the model and what clients can expect.

We wanted to design this model with a combination of options and standard features, not just a loaded model that doesn’t reflect online pricing. We felt it was incredibly important for our clients to see that their home can look beautiful with our included features and understand that they have many options when it comes to designing the home that works for them. We love the options and upgrades we are providing, but our entire line-up of selections holds true to our motto: “Value Without Compromise.” Our product sells itself and through this model, our staff is simply present to act as guides and valued resources to answer any questions clients may have,” he explains.


About GH Builders

The mission of GH Builders is to make the construction of single-family homes both exciting and affordable again! The team at GH Builders understands both the positive attributes that are associated with a strong and vibrant construction market, and conversely, the unique challenges in keeping construction affordable when demand remains very high while trade resources remain finite.

To learn more about GH Builders, please call (239) 260-1755, email or visit

Top Kid-Friendly Features for Your Home

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When it comes to building a home, you need a space that works for your family, and if you have kids, you may have different needs than those without. Kids change your world for the better, yet they can also cause a little chaos in the home. Toys strewn about, crumbs in the couch cushions and a never-ending need for more super hero costumes may be just a few concerns you have on a daily basis. But what if you could make your home work efficiently with a few tweaks to its design? A well-run household is a happy household, and when you have kids, organization is everything. Here are some of the top kid-friendly features for your home.

Work & Play Counters

Let’s face it, kids love to be around their parents, especially when they’re young and especially when they’re doing something fun, like baking cookies in the kitchen. That’s why work and play counters are becoming increasingly popular for families with young children, so that the kids can stay close by, yet not get in the way. Work and play counters are especially popular in the kitchen areas, as they give kids a chance to help out in their very own space. Designers recommend using durable materials, like quartz, in this space, since kids can tend to be a little rough with their things.

A Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are especially helpful when kids need a little boost to wash their hands or brush their teeth in the bathroom. Creating a perfect spot for a small stool to slide underneath, a floating vanity is a wonderful addition to homes with kids. Maintain a modern look, while having the functionality you need in areas of the home, like the bathroom.

Concealed Storage

It’s no surprise that storage is one of the main concerns for home buyers. Ample storage is crucial in any home, but when you have kids, having enough storage is a must. Choosing closed or concealed storage for your home helps alleviate the cluttered look that you’re most likely trying to avoid. Having a mix of cabinets and drawers can accommodate toys, arts and crafts supplies, super hero costumes and anything else that needs a designated place in the home…away from plain sight.

Other Helpful Kid-Friendly Home Features

It’s important that your home function properly at all times, and this is especially true when you have kids. Other helpful features that you may want to include in your home are:

  • Area rugs under the dinner table (for all the food that accidentally drops to the floor).

  • Tiled walls in the bathroom (for all the toothpaste that finds its way everywhere except their mouth).

  • Semi-gloss paint (for easy clean up of “art” projects).

  • Rounded-edge furniture (for when playtime gets a little crazy).

Keep your kids safe and happy in the home, and keep your home running efficiently. In making some small additions to your home, you can ensure that things stay organized and your kids have the space they need to learn and grow.

The team at GH Builders is excited to help you and your family build the home that works for you! Call (239) 260-1755 or visit to learn more.

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Why Contract Transparency Matters When Evaluating Builders

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In the modern world, we have options…a lot of them. From your car to your clothes, your pets and your food, there seems to be a world of options to choose from and the home building industry is no exception. When you’re on the hunt for a builder, not just any builder will do, and hiring the wrong home builder can be a disaster. One of the most important aspects of the home building process is contract transparency, which if you can believe it, can sometimes be hard to find with many builders. Knowing what you’re getting and what to expect during the building of your home is crucial and unnecessary headaches, like hidden fees can cause problems. Here’s why contract transparency matters when evaluating builders.

Knowing What to Expect

Building a new home can come with a lot of questions that need to be answered by you. That’s why it’s important to iron out the details with your builder, so that there are no surprises before, during or at the end of your project. Aspects of your project that will need to be clear and concise include:

  • Timeline

  • Cost

  • Home design

  • Lot details

  • Finishes

the list goes on. Being able to refer back to your contract to get the answers you’re seeking is a big advantage. After all, it is almost impossible to remember everything you talked about with your builder, so instead of wondering about a specific detail, you’re able to check your contract and know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect.

Knowing What You Can Afford

A big factor in building a home is cost. This may not come as a shock, but if you’re not well-versed in the home building industry, you may not be aware of how changes to the layout or additional features can impact the numbers…and the timeline of your project. Seeing these details in black and white can help you figure out just what your budget is, so that you can get the most out of your home project. Plus, having transparency in your contract means no hidden fees and no surprises.

Here at GH Builders, we offer a web feature that allows clients to make structural changes to their project, helping them to better understand how these changes can impact costs. Prospective clients, as well as current clients are able to utilize this feature to go through all major structural options, seeing how the price changes automatically for all areas of the project that can actually be controlled. There are some exclusions to this, one of them being land options, since building in Golden Gate Estates has many variables that are discussed in the preliminary stages. No competitor in this market offers this type of calculating tool, which helps take the guesswork out of the entire way the home building process works.

The Importance of Contract Transparency

Finding a builder who offers contract transparency is not only helpful, but imperative to the success of your project. Not only does this increase the level of trust that you have in your builder, it helps keep everyone involved on the same page. In some cases, where there isn’t contract transparency, the homeowner may have an entirely different picture in their mind about their project than the builder has, which can result in tension and disappointment. The last thing you want to experience during this process is excess fees, longer timelines, added stress and not getting what you expected.

When it’s time to start a home project, look for a builder who provides you with a clear outline with no strings attached. Not only will you know what you’re getting from the beginning, so will your builder. After all, open and honest communication is everything when it comes to the success of your home project.

The GH Builders team is proud to provide contract transparency to its clients. Call (239) 451-6157 or visit for more details.

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GH Builders Announces that Construction Has Begun on Golden Gate Estates Model Home

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Naples, Florida, October 22nd, 2019– Golden Gate Estates home builder, GH Builders announces that construction has officially begun on its new model home. Created by Gulfstream Homes, a prominent Southwest Florida home builder, GH Builders appeals to the cost-conscious buyer by offering a first-class, value-driven home buying experience. GH Builders creates home designs that implement the latest building trends, technology and building practices in the industry.

Construction on the model home, which is located at 25th Street SW in Golden Gate Estates is underway. GH Builders broke ground on this model last month and announced last week that the slab has been poured and plans are in place to move forward with the rest of the construction process. The team will showcase the fabulous features offered in their homes through this model, including quality finishes, best in class building materials and pristine attention to detail. The expected completion date of this model home is slated for the beginning of next year.

GH Builders ( was created out of the necessity of creating affordable homes without losing value. Through high-quality fixtures, modern finishes, a variety of ways to customize the homes and many more offerings, GH Builders has created a home buying experience like no other. With the use of many technological advances, such as the ‘Design Your GH Home Online’ interactive portal and complete transparency in the process, GH Builders is revolutionizing the home building industry in Southwest Florida.

GH Builders Operations Manager, Chris Ghannam speaks about the model home and the importance of its progress.

We are really excited to get this model home project underway, so that we can really expand upon our offerings to our clients. I am looking forward to unveiling this home at the beginning of the year, so that more potential clients can see just how much we can do for them,” he explains.

About GH Builders

The mission of GH Builders is to make the construction of single-family homes both exciting and affordable again! The team at GH Builders understands both the positive attributes that are associated with a strong and vibrant construction market, and conversely, the unique challenges in keeping construction affordable when demand remains very high while trade resources remain finite.

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Ultimate Guide to Energy Efficient Appliances

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You’ve chosen the perfect paint color and the right furniture for the space. Your home’s layout is exactly as you imagined it and you’re working on fine tuning all of the details that go into building a new home. An important decision that you will need to make is what type of appliances you will include in your home. Whether you’re building a new home or you’re simply looking to upgrade your existing appliances, one thing is for sure…energy efficiency reigns. When it comes to getting a return on your investment, perhaps nothing provides that more clearly than choosing energy efficient appliances for your home. Not sure where to start? Here’s our ultimate guide to energy efficient appliances for every aspect of your home.

Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Perhaps the most used room in the home, the kitchen houses more appliances and more chances for energy efficiency than any other room. Think about all of the appliances in the kitchen. Now imagine how much money you could save if you opted for energy efficient appliances as opposed to standard appliances. Not only have there been impressive advancements in the world of energy efficient technology, many more appliances are being offered in energy efficient options. These include:

  • Refrigerators

  • Dishwashers

  • Ovens

  • Cooktops

  • Microwaves

As one of the biggest consumers of energy in the kitchen, the refrigerator is one of the first appliances that many homeowners choose to upgrade when it comes to creating an energy efficient home. As you see how much you can save with even one energy efficient appliance, chances are, you’ll want to choose energy efficient appliances throughout the entire home.

Other Energy Efficient Appliances

When we think of energy efficient appliances, we most always gravitate toward the kitchen; however, the whole home can benefit from installing energy efficient appliances. Laundry rooms, especially, can benefit from energy efficient washers and dryers, and there’s a host of other options available throughout the home as well, including:

  • Thermostats

  • Ceiling fans

  • Whole-home dehumidifiers

  • Air purifiers

Energy savings doesn’t stop at the kitchen. Many homeowners choose to outfit their entire home with these appliances to reap the benefits of energy efficiency.

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Although energy efficient appliances tend to cost slightly more than standard appliances initially, you’ll end up saving more in the long-run. Not only will you decrease your energy bills, energy efficient appliance are long-lasting and durable. Instead of having to replace them every few years, many varieties of energy efficient appliances last 10-20 years longer than traditional appliances. You may also get to take advantage of certain tax breaks when you have energy efficient appliances, so be sure to speak with a financial professional and mention your energy efficient household.

When it comes to thinking about upgrading your current appliances or choosing appliances for your new home, you may want to seriously consider energy efficient appliances. Not only will you save money, you’ll also help the environment in the process. Choose what works for your home and your budget, and remember all of the benefits that come with energy efficient appliances.

The team at GH Builders is excited to help you build the right home for you and your budget. Call (239) 451-6157 or visit to learn more about us.

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GH Builders Breaks Ground on First Model Home in Golden Gate Estates

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Naples, Florida, September 24th, 2019– GH Builders, a Southwest Florida home builder, created by Gulfstream Homes announces that it has broken ground on the site of its first model home on September 19th in Golden Gate Estates. The home builder specializes in providing clients with a value-driven home building experience, offering a level of transparency that is unmatched in the industry. Through the team’s use of revolutionary technology and top-of-the-line building practices, GH Builders gives clients value without compromise.

Located on 25th Street SW, construction on the model home has officially begun. The team at GH Builders focuses on providing the cost-conscious buyer with a first-class home building experience. Plans for the model include state-of-the-art design, superior craftsmanship and impressive features throughout. The team expects to unveil this home close to the new year, as they also strive to finish construction on four other homes in the area as well.

GH Builders ( seeks to make the home building process not only affordable, but exciting. Through it’s ‘Design Your GH Home Online’ interactive portal, clients are able to design their homes virtually and send the plans directly to the GH team. Clients also have a multitude of options when it comes to designing their homes, including a variety of floorplans to choose from, designer finishing packages and lot selection services.

Chris Ghannam, Operations Manager with GH Builders, speaks about breaking ground on the model home.

We’re excited to have broken ground on this new model and we look forward to being able to showcase what we can do, so that potential clients can have a more solid viewpoint of their project. We aim for transparency and value, and we’re excited for the future of GH Builders,” he says.

About GH Builders

The mission of GH Builders is to make the construction of single-family homes both exciting and affordable again! The team at GH Builders understands both the positive attributes that are associated with a strong and vibrant construction market, and conversely, the unique challenges in keeping construction affordable when demand remains very high while trade resources remain finite.

To learn more about GH Builders, please call (239) 451-6157, email or visit

GH Builders Launches “Design Your GH Home Online” Interactive Portal

By | GH Builders Technology

New Feature Allows Home Buyers to Customize Their New Home Instantly at

Naples, Florida, September 17th, 2019– Southwest Florida home builder GH Builders, created by Gulfstream Homes, announces the launch of its “Design Your GH Home Online” Interactive Portal now available on their website. The home builder specializes in providing the cost-conscious home buyer with a first-class, value driven home building experience in Golden Gate Estates. Through a more interactive process, buyers can be more involved in the building of their home.

The “Design Your GH Home Online” Interactive Portal offers a new level of transparency to the home building process. By clicking on an available floorplan, potential clients can build their home with the click of a mouse, watching the floorplan transform right on their screen. Floorplans can be altered with up to 30 structural changes on some plans, and there are over 900 possible selection combinations in one floorplan alone. Not only does this give clients the chance to customize their home exactly how they desire, the program also populates a price, so that clients know what they can expect to pay for their new home from a structural standpoint.

Spearheaded by the GH Builders team with the partnership of web designer Terry McKyton with TCMC Interactive, a revolutionary new way to customize a home virtually has emerged. Customers make their selections in the comfort of their own home, eliminating the pressure and risk associated with selecting these options without seeing the finished product first. Prospects and clients can send their plan directly to GH Builders, making for a more streamlined process. GH Builders’ complete transparency ( makes it easy for clients to know what they can afford before embarking on their home building endeavor.

Chris Ghannam, Operations Manager with GH Builders, speaks about the program and how GH Builders seeks to provide even more value to their buyers.

We want our clients to feel more included in the home building process. Instead of worrying over how a certain selection is going to impact the space or the price, clients are now able to see it in real-time. This is just another added value to our clients and it really helps to open up the dialogue at our initial meetings, because now they know what they can achieve with our services. This is made possible through our partnership with TCMC Interactive. Working with Terry [McKyton] helped to make this project a reality as he was willing to push the envelope and try something that has never been done before,” he explains.

McKyton explains the process and the outcome of the service.

The [GH Builders] team really knew what they wanted to accomplish, and it all came down to figuring out how this was going to work with the artist’s renderings and the conditional logic of the floorplans. We’re really happy with how this program turned out. Everyone I’ve showed this to has been really impressed, and I really think clients will be as well,” he says.

About GH Builders

The mission of GH Builders is to make the construction of single-family homes both exciting and affordable again! The team at GH Builders understands both the positive attributes that are associated with a strong and vibrant construction market, and conversely, the unique challenges in keeping construction affordable when demand remains very high while trade resources remain finite.

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