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December 2019

Golden Gate Estates Home Builder, GH Builders, Reveals Details of First Model Home Now Under Construction

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Naples, Florida, December 18th, 2019– Home builder, GH Builders has released details about its model home, which is under construction in Golden Gate Estates. Created by prominent Southwest Florida home builder, Gulfstream Homes, GH Builders focuses on the cost-conscious buyer and offers affordable solutions to home buyers who are looking for value without compromise in Golden Gate Estates. This model home is the first in the area for the builder.

Located at 25th Street SW, the team broke ground in September and expects to complete the project in February or March of next year. The model home will feature the builder’s Signature Series gourmet kitchen, quartz counter tops and a wide array of selections from various levels throughout the home. The home will also include several self-guided work stations, which will allow clients to visualize and compare, along with on-site staffing to aid in the final selections process. The goal of the design center is to allow clients and prospective clients to feel as comfortable as if they were making the selections in their own home.

The team at GH Builders ( prides itself on its transparency throughout the process. Transparency in pricing is what sets GH Builders apart from the rest and is a critical element in the process. With no pushy sales tactics and no surprises, clients can have peace of mind knowing that they are getting the most out of their home buying experience. GH Builders makes it easy to find the right selections for the client, while helping them decide what they can comfortably afford through its interactive ‘Design Your GH Home Online’ portal.

Chris Ghannam, Business Manager with GH Builders speaks about the model and what clients can expect.

We wanted to design this model with a combination of options and standard features, not just a loaded model that doesn’t reflect online pricing. We felt it was incredibly important for our clients to see that their home can look beautiful with our included features and understand that they have many options when it comes to designing the home that works for them. We love the options and upgrades we are providing, but our entire line-up of selections holds true to our motto: “Value Without Compromise.” Our product sells itself and through this model, our staff is simply present to act as guides and valued resources to answer any questions clients may have,” he explains.


About GH Builders

The mission of GH Builders is to make the construction of single-family homes both exciting and affordable again! The team at GH Builders understands both the positive attributes that are associated with a strong and vibrant construction market, and conversely, the unique challenges in keeping construction affordable when demand remains very high while trade resources remain finite.

To learn more about GH Builders, please call (239) 260-1755, email or visit

Top Kid-Friendly Features for Your Home

By | New Homes

When it comes to building a home, you need a space that works for your family, and if you have kids, you may have different needs than those without. Kids change your world for the better, yet they can also cause a little chaos in the home. Toys strewn about, crumbs in the couch cushions and a never-ending need for more super hero costumes may be just a few concerns you have on a daily basis. But what if you could make your home work efficiently with a few tweaks to its design? A well-run household is a happy household, and when you have kids, organization is everything. Here are some of the top kid-friendly features for your home.

Work & Play Counters

Let’s face it, kids love to be around their parents, especially when they’re young and especially when they’re doing something fun, like baking cookies in the kitchen. That’s why work and play counters are becoming increasingly popular for families with young children, so that the kids can stay close by, yet not get in the way. Work and play counters are especially popular in the kitchen areas, as they give kids a chance to help out in their very own space. Designers recommend using durable materials, like quartz, in this space, since kids can tend to be a little rough with their things.

A Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are especially helpful when kids need a little boost to wash their hands or brush their teeth in the bathroom. Creating a perfect spot for a small stool to slide underneath, a floating vanity is a wonderful addition to homes with kids. Maintain a modern look, while having the functionality you need in areas of the home, like the bathroom.

Concealed Storage

It’s no surprise that storage is one of the main concerns for home buyers. Ample storage is crucial in any home, but when you have kids, having enough storage is a must. Choosing closed or concealed storage for your home helps alleviate the cluttered look that you’re most likely trying to avoid. Having a mix of cabinets and drawers can accommodate toys, arts and crafts supplies, super hero costumes and anything else that needs a designated place in the home…away from plain sight.

Other Helpful Kid-Friendly Home Features

It’s important that your home function properly at all times, and this is especially true when you have kids. Other helpful features that you may want to include in your home are:

  • Area rugs under the dinner table (for all the food that accidentally drops to the floor).

  • Tiled walls in the bathroom (for all the toothpaste that finds its way everywhere except their mouth).

  • Semi-gloss paint (for easy clean up of “art” projects).

  • Rounded-edge furniture (for when playtime gets a little crazy).

Keep your kids safe and happy in the home, and keep your home running efficiently. In making some small additions to your home, you can ensure that things stay organized and your kids have the space they need to learn and grow.

The team at GH Builders is excited to help you and your family build the home that works for you! Call (239) 260-1755 or visit to learn more.

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